Benefits Of Having A Tax Lawyer

You have a better chance of winning if you hire a tax attorney to help you against the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). A professional lawyer has the experience and expertise to resolve tax issues. We will be discussing the benefits of hiring a tax attorney in this article.

Here are some reasons to hire a professional tax attorney:

  • Expert in tax code
  • Protection against intimidation and abuse
  • Expert in tax returns
  • Negotiator
  • Income protection
  • Help with starting a new business

Expert in Tax Code

There are more than 1700 pages in the current Internal Revenue Service tax code. You don’t have to read each page. However, it is important to understand the content and how to use it to solve your tax problems.

Instead of feeling stressed, hire a lawyer from Victory Tax Lawyers. They are familiar with the code and can help you with tax problems.

The federal and state tax codes change constantly. If you try to solve your tax problems yourself, you may not be able to understand the current tax laws. A tax lawyer can help you with any problem you may have with the IRS if they are familiar with those codes.

Protection from Intimidation or Abuse

Regular taxpayers are treated with professionalism and politeness by most IRS agents. They won’t lie to you or threaten you to make you pay what you owe.

However, if your tax problems are handled on your own, you could be confronted by an IRS agent who may intimidate or abuse your clients. But, having a tax attorney at your disposal will ensure that you are protected from such threats.

A tax lawyer can also protect your rights and represent you at meetings.

Specialist in Filing Returns

Your lawyer can assist you in filing all tax returns that you have to send to the IRS. If you need to correct any information in the current year’s tax return, your lawyer will assist you in filing a corrected return quickly and expertly.

If you require an extension, your lawyer can help fill out the necessary documents and request an extension from the IRS. Your attorney can assist you in filing late returns by doing this.

Your tax attorney will ensure that your income evidence is promptly delivered to the IRS.


The IRS can be intimidating to talk with, whether by phone or mail. You might not be able to answer the questions correctly or have the information necessary for the agent who is handling your case.

Your attorney can handle communications with the IRS on your behalf. Your tax lawyer can help you communicate with the IRS on your behalf. They will also handle letters, phone calls, or other communications. They will be able to determine the information required and verify that all information submitted is correct.

Income Protection

Tax lawyers are experts in protecting your income and property. A tax lawyer can help protect your finances, even though the IRS may use your earnings to fix tax debts.

  • Arrange an installment agreement with IRS
  • To pay your tax debt, file an offer in compromise
  • Request to have your tax debt placed in the Currently Not Collectible category
  • You can arrange to pay your tax debt with your credit card, or any other payment method.

Help with Setting up a New Business

It can be stressful to start a business. It is not just about setting up the business correctly. You also have to choose between a partnership or sole proprietorship, C-corporation, or S-corporation.

Also, you will need to apply for an Employer ID Number, manage all paperwork, and set up your business accounts. This can also be stressful and complex if you are rebranding an existing business. Tax lawyers are experts in business planning and can help you with every aspect of the planning process.


Although tax debts can seem overwhelming, you can either tackle them or prevent them from happening by getting a tax lawyer with the right experience and knowledge. Hire a Polston Tax attorney today to protect your income, assets, and yourself from the IRS.