The 5 Point Checklist After A Car Accident

There are several steps you can take to ensure your safety after a car accident. First, it is legal to stop your vehicle if it is involved in an accident on the road. Even if your vehicle is not damaged in the accident, it is important that you stop your vehicle immediately if you collide.

The Scene

Car accident lawyer don’t recommend admitting fault on the spot of an accident, even if you are certain that you were at fault. Your insurance adjuster will investigate the accident and determine who is at fault. You should also ask questions at the scene about the accident to help you file a claim. The following are some of the most important things to do after being in a car crash:

1. Assess The Injury And/Or Damage

Initially, it is important to check for any injuries, and then you should call an ambulance. Do not proceed if you are unable to relocate them or if doing so would impede the flow of traffic. Before moving any of the cars, you should wait for the police to arrive.

2. Report To The Police

Even if it is a minor accident you should file a legal report. Even though the police may not be able to attend every accident, especially if it is a minor one with no serious injuries, they will file a report detailing the incident.

3. Seek Evidence

Ask anyone present at the collision to give you their contact information and names. They may prove useful in the future for you when you are trying to file a claim or prove fault. Ask any other drivers that stopped at the scene for dashcam footage they may be able to send you. Make sure you record details about the driver and other cars, including their vehicle identification number (VIN), if possible, and the insurance details for the other driver.

4. Protect Your Rights

Your attorney is the best thing to do after an accident. An attorney can help protect your rights and ensure that valuable evidence isn’t destroyed. Insurance companies often want to get statements right away after an accident. Before you give a statement, it is important to get legal advice. An attorney can help you with everything from how to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your vehicle to how you should make sure you receive the best medical treatment. The contingency fee model means that there is no cost to you unless you receive compensation.

5. Talking About The Collision Is A Bad Idea

Talk about the accident only to other drivers and avoid claiming liability. Even apologizing to another driver could be considered admitting blame at the scene. Be careful what you say, especially if the cause of the collision is not clear. Talk only about the accident with your insurance company and any other first responders.

Although most drivers are careful to avoid collisions, some accidents can be beyond our control. You can get the best outcome from your future claim by knowing what to do at the scene.