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Guidelines For Contributors

1. Articles may be written on any subject, so long as they pertain to legal matters.

2. Although we recommend that your essay be between 500 and 1,500 words long, entries that are somewhat longer or shorter than these restrictions will still be approved.

3. Lawscl.org is eager to publish articles written in the author’s preferred style and from the author’s point of view. No need for articles to be objective or overtly apolitical.

4. Keep in mind that readers of the Journal will come from a variety of different points in their professional legal careers. Please refrain from employing complicated legal language since it may confuse you.

6. Articles that have already been published elsewhere, or that are scheduled to be published elsewhere, cannot be accepted by Lawscl.org. In addition, we are unable to take previous essays or dissertations that are prepared in a manner that is too academic.

7. A knowledgeable editor will perform some minor editing on your essay before it is returned to you for review. The team working on Lawscl.org will be adding headlines as well as standfirst.

8. Your essay will be published with your name attached as the author of the piece.

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